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Yeah, we're hot...
rodeomalibu is a daily digest for the young, rich and stylish. If you aren't already a member then you are totally missing out. :P We feature:
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..and oh so much more! ;)

Decked out from head to toe in mouth-watering fashions we show you how to recreate that Beverley Hills babe chic - without needing to hit the shops of Rodeo Drive. Direct any questions, comments or problems to tylie at oshkoshh@gmail.com :)

This my shit.We got more bounce in California. We party all the time.more addictive than cocaine O H-- O H -- T H I S -- M Y -- S H I T ☆ -- © --
credit: limlight.org for the photos / sixty4 for buttons oh, yeah... uniquedream is the shit so you should go there too.

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